Pinecone Necklaces

Third Eye Pinecones are hand-crafted from the center of the world’s densest Pinecones – species which reproduce primarily in Forest Fires!

Our Pinecones are sustainably wild-gathered, then carefully dried, aged, and cured, before one single cross-section is cut from the “heart” of each cone. Taking only one cross-section per cone allows the remainder of many Pinecones to be harvested and germinated for seed, helping to ensure the future abundance of these unique species of Conifers.

After the initial cut, every pendant is painstakingly cleaned, sanded and polished, then artistically scrutinized to assure that the style and/or inlay perfectly match the unique “personality” of each individual cone. Finally, Third Eye Pinecones are sealed in an elegant, burnished wood-working resin to highlight and protect the organic fractal beauty unveiled within each talisman. Our talented team has spent years perfecting this complex process in a consistent and environmentally friendly fashion.

Third Eye Pinecones come in an enormous array of different sizes, shapes, colors and hues. “Lighter” colored Pinecones are typically younger, and have spent less time off of the tree. Darker Pinecones are often older, and have sometimes spent one-to-three years curing. We believe every piece transmits the essence of the tree it came from. It’s our privilege to be able to share this gift with you.

Pinecone Sizing

Our cones come in a vast array of sizes from less than an inch to almost 3 inches. Our very small, and very large Pinecones are the most difficult for us to find, however, collecting every Pinecone is its own wonderful adventure! Please use this guide to help you in your quest for the perfect pendant for you or your loved one.

Glow in the Dark Pinecones

Some of our most special Pinecones have been inlaid with a powerful Phosphorescent Powder – causing them to glow brightly in the dark! Activated by the UV-spectrum light abundant in natural sunshine (or to a lesser extent in most indoor lighting) both our Crushed Crystal and Rutilated Quartz "Glow-Cones" are infused with this amazing substance. Our specialty glow powder is non-toxic, visible to the naked eye for over 12 hours, and will only lose 5% of its glow over the next 10 years!!

Founder's Story

Our Promise

Each pinecone pendant is an elegant and inspiring gift from the forest – we feel strongly about doing no harm and giving back to Mother Nature whenever we can.

In partnership with noted non-profit conservational foundation American Forests, and through our own seed-harvesting and replanting efforts, Third Eye Pinecones is pleased to stand behind our “buy a cone, plant a tree” promise, which guarantees the planting of between 1-3 trees per pendant sold.

When you buy one of our talismans your money goes to work right away, not only supporting us as artisans, but also planting a tree via American Forests in areas of the country that have been negatively impacted by logging, wildfire, or pollution.

Pine Tree

Pinecone Repair

Our pendants are very sturdy and hold up well under most “everyday” conditions. With that said, Pinecones are wood and should be cared for as one would with any fine wooden product. Most notably, your pinecone pendant should not be exposed to heat above 120 degrees F. (such as on a car dashboard, or hanging from a rear-view mirror on a sunny day)

As with any fine woodwork, at some point in the life of your Pinecone, you may wish to have the surface “refinished” to restore that original, brand-new-gloss to a well-worn pendant! Please email us at for instructions on how to submit your Pinecone for resurfacing. 

***Please make sure to send your Pinecone to us in a padded envelope or bubble mailer to ensure it arrives to us safely!*** :)