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Red Sunstone with Gold Seed of Life Baby Sinew


Red Sunstone with Gold Seed of Life Baby Sinew

Hand-woven in Santa Cruz, CA, this necklace features a Red Sunstone with Gold Seed of Life pendant lovingly strung with Labadorite, Smokey Quartz, Citrine and Rutile Quartz beads to activate and energize body, mind and spirit!

This necklace measures 23 inches (58 cm) and is woven from a vegan "sinew alternative" -- infinitely more durable than Hemp, yet earthy and organic in texture. 
Every knot is tied with intention and infused with love, and every necklace is as unique as the person it adorns. 

As the name would suggest, Sunstone exudes the radiant warmth, life force, and implacable positivity of the sun. A stone of leadership, Sunstone brings about independence, originality, and conscious clarity. It is also beloved among spiritual practitioners for its ability to lift the mood, purify negative energy, and cleanse and activate all 7 chakras.

This Pinecone has been blessed with the Seed of Life, cast in 24k Gold.  This sacred symbol serves as the foundation or "Seed" for the Flower of Life, and represents the Seven days of Creation.  It depicts the origins of all matter, in geometric perfection, with six circles (the six days of work) resting inside a seventh circle (the day of rest, the sabbath).

**This uniquely hand-crafted necklace is the exact one you will receive.**

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