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Ocean Jasper with Silver Merkaba

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Ocean Jasper with Silver Merkaba

Found only off the coast of Madagascar, Ocean Jasper (also known as the “Atlantis Stone”) is believed to be a powerfully calming and healing stone, helping to cultivate tranquility, relieve stress, and accelerate spiritual growth. The unique spherical pattern that is characteristic to Ocean Jasper is said to symbolize the interconnectedness of our energies and actions. As such, it is thought to encourage one to confront their past, accept responsibility where needed, and move forward with greater self-love.

This Pinecone has been anointed with our "Merkaba" emblem, cast in Sterling Silver. Merkaba - "Mer" meaning Light, "Ka" meaning Spirit, and "Ba" meaning Body - is a powerful icon historically known as the "Vehicle of Ascension". The Merkaba opens the mind to increased awareness and promotes deep conscious interconnection.

**This uniquely hand-crafted pinecone pendant is the exact one you will receive.**