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Green Garnet Earrings


Green Garnet Earrings

These hand-picked matching Mini's, dangle from 14kt Gold-Fill Earring Hooks, providing a lightweight, elegant opportunity to infuse nature into your day-to-day.  
Each earring is a single cross-section from one individual Pinecone, carefully paired with a sister-cone for color, size and style.

Nicknamed the “Warrior’s Stone” for its traditional role in the possession of soldiers as a talisman to ward off injury and death, Garnet was also thought to bring victory, peace, and tranquility. Garnet was also believed to be a “Karma Stone,” bestowing happiness, success, and good fortune upon the recipient. This stone also has strong associations with fire element, and is believed to enhance love and sensuality, creativity, and passion for life.

**These uniquely hand-crafted pinecone earrings are the exact ones you will receive.**

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