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Carnelian-Inlaid Ammonite with Silver Merkaba

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Carnelian-Inlaid Ammonite with Silver Merkaba

The 240 million year old ammonite fossils form a sacred geometrical shape called the "golden mean spiral," traveling both infinitely outward and infinitely inward. This spiral can be mathematically represented by the Fibonacci Sequence – the numerical foundation that depicts the underlying growth, movement, and evolution throughout all of nature. Plants unfurl, flowers bloom, and our galaxy spirals according to this sequence. The ammonites are fitted expertly into the center of each pine cone's mandala so as to blend the golden mean spirals of tree and shell into a single dynamic Fibonacci movement – evoking a sense of wonder and connectedness to our universe's greater intelligent design. In addition, Blue Opal has been masterfully inlaid into several of the ammonite's segments, offsetting the rich earth tones of the fossil with brilliant shimmering opal highlights.

Affectionately referred to as the “Actor’s Stone,” Carnelian is a type of agate known for its connection to creativity, individuality and courage. As such, it is said to be very effective for promoting vitality, positivity, motivation, and transformation. Carnelian is also thought to be excellent in helping one build their self-trust, bolster confidence, and overcome old and outdated self-perceptions that no longer serve one’s greater good.

This Pinecone has been anointed with our "Merkaba" emblem, cast in Sterling Silver. Merkaba - "Mer" meaning Light, "Ka" meaning Spirit, and "Ba" meaning Body - is a powerful  icon historically known as the "Vehicle of Acension". The Merkaba opens the mind to increased awareness and promotes deep conscious interconnection.

**This uniquely hand-crafted pinecone pendant is the exact one you will receive.**

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