Blue Sapphire with Gold Merkaba and Back Om

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Blue Sapphire with Gold Merkaba and Back Om

Second in hardness only to Diamond, Sapphire deposits can often be found unscathed in stream beds or mountain valleys where granite or marble have been weathered away by the elements for millions of years. Renowned for its beauty and strength throughout the ages, Sapphire was coveted among royalty in medieval times, and was thought to serve as a talisman against harmful intentions and evil magic. Sapphire also has a rich metaphysical history, and according to legend was used by Magicians, alchemists, and mystics alike to enhance their powers and connect to the heavenly realms.

This Pinecone has been anointed with our "Merkaba" emblem, cast in 24k Gold. Merkaba - "Mer" meaning Light, "Ka" meaning Spirit, and "Ba" meaning Body - is a powerful  icon historically known as the "Vehicle of Acension". The Merkaba opens the mind to increased awareness and promotes deep conscious interconnection.

The back of this Pinecone has been anointed with our "Third Eye" emblem, cast in 24k Gold. This powerful icon is a fusion of the Egyptian "Eye of Horus" -- a source of protection, good-health and power -- and the "Om" symbol -- a sacred symbol of the omnipotent, omnipresent divine, and of spiritual ascension.

**This uniquely hand-crafted pinecone pendant is the exact one you will receive.**

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