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Blue Apatite Multi-Glow Baby Sinew Necklace


Blue Apatite Multi-Glow Baby Sinew Necklace

Hand-woven in Santa Cruz, CA, this necklace features an Blue Apatite pendant lovingly strung with Rose Quartz, Aquamarine, and Blue Apatite beads to activate and energize body, mind and spirit!

This necklace measures 23 inches (59 cm) and is woven from a vegan "sinew alternative" -- infinitely more durable than Hemp, yet earthy and organic in texture. 
Every knot is tied with intention and infused with love, and every necklace is as unique as the person it adorns.

Apatite is reputed to have potent healing properties for the physical body, especially for the digestion, metabolism, and endocrine system. It is said to increase intellect, imagination, and intuitive awareness, while aiding in psychic development. Apatite is also great to aid in facilitating harmony and cooperation, and as such it works very nicely in conjunction with other stones.

Crushed Crystals have been carefully mixed with a powerful Phosphorescent powder, then inlaid into the pendant -- which brightly glow in the dark! <br />
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**This uniquely hand-crafted pinecone pendant is the exact one you will receive.**