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Amazonite Earrings


Amazonite Earrings

These hand-picked matching Mini's, dangle from 14kt Gold-Fill Earring Hooks, providing a lightweight, elegant opportunity to infuse nature into your day-to-day.
Each earring is a single cross-section from one individual Pinecone, carefully paired with a sister-cone for color, size and style.

Frequently sought after for its powerful filtering abilities, Amazonite is said to block geopathic stress, absorb microwaves and cellphone emanations, and protect against EMF radiation. As such, it is a very calming stone, soothing the nervous system and aligning the physical and energetic bodies. It is also reputed to balance the masculine and feminine energies, helping see a problem from a variety of perspectives.

**These uniquely hand-crafted pinecone earrings are the exact ones you will receive.**