Pine Tree

Our Promise

Each pinecone pendant is an elegant and inspiring gift from the forest – we feel strongly about doing no harm and giving back to Mother Nature whenever we can.

In partnership with noted non-profit conservational foundation American Forests, and through our own seed-harvesting and replanting efforts, Third Eye Pinecones is pleased to stand behind our “buy a cone, plant a tree” promise, which guarantees the planting of between 1-3 trees per pendant sold.

When you buy one of our talismans your money goes to work right away, not only supporting us as artisans, but also planting a tree via American Forests in areas of the country that have been negatively impacted by logging, wildfire, or pollution.



Eco map

The Knobcone Pine Tree

Third Eye Pinecones can only be crafted from the densest pinecone on the planet, the Knobcone Pine (Pinus attenuata). This thriving species spans from southern Oregon, through California and even down through Mexico (not shown on map).

According to the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature: est 1948) the Knobcone Pine Tree falls into the “least concern” category, which means their population health has been evaluated internationally and has been given the highest rating possible.