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Turquoise w/ 64 Star Tetrahedron Multi-Stone Necklace

Turquoise w/ 64 Star Tetrahedron Multi-Stone Necklace

This necklace measures 25 inches (64 cm) and features a Turquoise with 64 Star Tetrahedron Multi-Stone pendant lovingly strung with a 4-inch length-adjustable 14k Gold Fill chain with Turquoise, Tiger's Eye, Moonstone, Carnelian and 14k Gold Fill beads to activate and energize body, mind and spirit!


Regarded as a master healing stone, Turquoise is sacred to both Native American and oriental traditions. Its beautiful coloration is said to evoke the energy of heaven to arrive on earth, bringing with it abundance, grounding, and protection. It is also ideal for facilitating honest and clear communication from the heart.


This Pinecone has been imprinted with the 64 Star Tetrahedron, cast in 24k gold. Envisioned as a 3-dimensional model of the I Ching, an ancient set of oracular Chinese Hexagrams, this emblem symbolizes the Creator, or the Great Void – the fundamental pattern that creates all matter.


The back of this Pinecone has been anointed with our "Third Eye" emblem, cast in 24k Gold. This powerful icon is a fusion of the Egyptian "Eye of Horus" -- a source of protection, good-health and power -- and the "Om" symbol -- a sacred symbol of the omnipotent, omnipresent divine, and of spiritual ascension.


**This uniquely hand-crafted pinecone pendant is the exact one you will receive.**

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