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Natural with Heart of Life

Natural with Heart of Life

Every "Natural" pendant is an elegant gift from Mother Nature -- unveiling the ornate Sacred Geometry hidden at the center of world's densest Pinecone.
Because only one cross-section is taken from the "heart" of each Cone, every pendant is absolutely unique, and truly the one-of-a-kind.

This pendant features our newest design innovation – the Heart of Life. Originally depicted in the form of a Pinecone in a 13th century painting, the Heart shape later evolved into what is now universally recognized as the symbol of romantic love. The Heart here is at the center of the Seed of Life, a series of interlocking circles symbolizing – among many other things – higher consciousness, intelligent design, and the 7 days of creation.

This Pinecone has been blessed with the Seed of Life, cast in Sterling Silver. This sacred symbol serves as the foundation or "Seed" for the Flower of Life, and represents the Seven days of Creation.  It depicts the origins of all matter, in geometric perfection, with six circles (the six days of work) resting inside a seventh circle (the day of rest, the sabbath).

**This uniquely hand-crafted pinecone pendant is the exact one you will receive.**

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