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Natural with Cube of Metatron

Natural with Cube of Metatron

Every "Natural" pendant is an elegant gift from Mother Nature -- unveiling the ornate Sacred Geometry hidden at the center of world's densest Pinecone.
Because only one cross-section is taken from the "heart" of each Cone, every pendant is absolutely unique, and truly the one-of-a-kind.

This Pinecone is adorned with a 24k Gold emblem of the Cube of Metatron. Comprised of all five of the Platonic Solids that form the building blocks of matter in the Universe, Metatron’s Cube is present in many of the ancient mystical teachings of the world. It also represents the transformation from 2 to 3 dimensions, and as such is useful as a tool for creation and manifestation.

**This uniquely hand-crafted pinecone pendant is the exact one you will receive.**

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