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Moldavite with Seed of Life Beaded Necklace

Moldavite with Seed of Life Beaded Necklace

This necklace measures 22 inches (56 cm) and features a Moldavite with Seed of Life pendant lovingly strung with a 4-inch length-adjustable 14k Gold Fill chain with Crazy Glass, Snowy Obsidian, and Lightning Quartz beads to activate and energize body, mind and spirit!

Though Moldavite's origins are not known for sure, these stones are generally believed to be the result of a massive meteorite impact on the earth over 15 million years ago in present-day Germany. The heat of the resulting explosion is thought to have been so substantial it literally metamorphosed the surrounding rocks, creating a molten "strew field" of Moldavite crystal fragments that cooled while airborne and descended back to the earth over a vast area. This rare stone's extraterrestrial nature has given it a strong affinity for spiritual and intuitive work of all varieties, and is thought to be one of the highest-vibration stones on Earth.

This Pinecone has been blessed with the Seed of Life, cast in 24k Gold.  This sacred symbol serves as the foundation or "Seed" for the Flower of Life, and represents the Seven days of Creation.  It depicts the origins of all matter, in geometric perfection, with six circles (the six days of work) resting inside a seventh circle (the day of rest, the sabbath).

**Pendant pictured will be the exact piece you receive**

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