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Glowing Tourmalated Quartz

Glowing Tourmalated Quartz

Synergizing the energy amplification properties of Clear Quartz and the grounding and clearing abilities of Black Tourmaline, Tourmalated Quartz serves as a powerful ally for those wishing to stay grounded and focused in their spiritual growth. This stone is also said to strongly protect the wearer from negative energy in the environment or from those around us, making it an invaluable tool for self-protection and for releasing fear and worry. For these reasons and more, this stone is beloved by seekers, healers and empaths alike.

The Tourmalated Quartz has been set atop glowing phosphorescent powder, inlaid behind the transparent stone into the body of the Pinecone.

The powerful phosphorescent powder "charges" in natural sunlight (or UV lighting) and backlights the Tourmalated Quartz -- causing the stone to glow all night long!

(Click here for Glow-in-the-Dark photos and info)

**This uniquely hand-crafted pinecone pendant is the exact one you will receive.**

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